Sons of Allen

African Methodist Episcopal Church 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rev Henry E. Green, Jr, Pastor
Mount Hermon AME Church~Fort Lauderdale, Sons of Allen

The Sons of Allen is a ministry created for men, both clergy and lay, which will seek to address the needs for distinctive ministries to men, who are faced with spiritual, social, political, and psychological challenges, to equip men to follow the example of Andrew (John 1:41-42) who brought Peter to Jesus; to encourage men to emulate the resolute and redemptive spirit of Richard Allen, our revered, ancestral patriarch who in negotiating for his freedom with slave master Stokely Sturgis, negotiated freedom for his unnamed brother as well; to encourage men to implement ministries modeled by our founder, Richard Allen as he sought to meet needs in his community.

Among the several goals of the ministry, the chief goal is to lead men, especially black men in the 21st century, into a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Their relationship with God is nurtured through learning about the power of prayer, experiencing the wonder of worship and sensing the sacrifice of service to others. Their salvation in Christ makes men priests for their family and community.

The Sons of Allen has programs that enhance men in their abilities to serve God and God’s people through social outreach, Godly civic leadership, and vital Christian testimony. Men will be developed as leaders and role models for youth. Men will be encouraged to participate in local and connectional church activities. Men will know and appreciate the enormous contribution of the African Methodist Episcopal Church through its history, aims, beliefs, and programs. Men will commit to building the Kingdom of God on earth as protectors, producers and providers.

The Sons of Allen Ministry seeks to galvanize the latent power of men for the worship of God and service to God’s people equipping them through the vital, vibrant, spiritual, and social message of God and the African Methodist Episcopal Church.